Calabizo | Spicy | 6-Unit Package | Total of 240 g

Calabizo Gourmet Artisanal Chorizo | Pack of 6 | 40 g each for a total of 240 g | Spicy | Product of Spain


Calabizo is an artisanal chorizo made from a centuries-old Galician recipe, whose main ingredient is butternut squash. It has only 7 ingredients which include onion, extra virgin olive oil, paprika, salt, garlic, and oregano. In addition, it is the only vegan, Spanish-style chorizo that is smoked with oak wood, and cured for a whole month.


Product Description: vegan chorizo, Spanish-style, made of butternut squash.


Ingredients: butternut squash, onion, extra virgin olive oil, paprika (spicy), salt, garlic, oregano


Allergens: this product does NOT contain soy, gluten, eggs, daiiry or nuts, and it has been manufactured in a facility free all of these allergens. 


Shelf-life: 1 year from production. Please check packaging.


IMPORTANT: please remove artificial casing before consuming!



  • Open 10 minutes before consuming
  • No refrigeration necessary; however once opened, store in a cool, dry location
  • Remove artificial casing before consuming


Suggestions for preparation:

  • Skillet: heat a little olive oil and fry the Calabizo sausage, turning often to get all sides
  • As is: enjoy Calabizo as it is, or allow the curing process to continue by storing it in a cool, dry location after removing it from vacuum packaging
  • Calabizo is also ideal on the barbecue!


Other ideas:

Get in touch with your inner chef and try adding Calabizo to your own recipes: soups, pastas, rice dishes, pizza, roasts, and stews! Sauté Calabizo with onion, garlic and olive oil for stews to bring out its full flavour.

Calabizo | Spicy | 6-Unit Package | Total of 240 g


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