• POSITIONING: ​Advice on how to present and position the organization and its products/services in the target market.

  • CLIENT ADQUISITION: ​Identification and attraction of prospects to the exporter's products and services. Through meetings, follow-ups, quotations, and product offerings, we will position your products in the target market.

  • CLIENT SATISFACTION: Advice on what clients are looking for in the target market, and how to position the product/service so it has the best chances of success.

  • PRODUCT ADAPTATION: ​Advice on improvements to product functionality, design, appearance and packaging.

  • LOGISTICS ADVICE: ​LTL? FTL? No problem. We manage all your shipping needs.

  • REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: ​Notify the exporter of all laws and regulations that may impact the business, and advise them on how best to comply with them.

  • CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP: ​Advice and assistance in positioning the organization as a good corporate citizen.