• BUSINESS PARTNER IDENTIFICATION: Through proven market research practices and method, we will find the ideal candidates for your export needs and set up meetings with them.

  • PLANNING & EXECUTION: ​Based on the trade show or mission goals that your company might have, we will organize your business trip with your team, your international agents, distributors, importers, and representatives of your company abroad.

  • TRADE SHOW SUPPORT: ​Our team will be assisting you during your presentations at trade shows/missions, providing assistance to any questions or needs that you or your team might have. If you would like to be an exhibitor at a trade show, we will manage your participation in the show from an administrative and commercial point of view.

  • POST TRADE SHOW/MISSION SUPPORT: Once the trade show/mission is finished, our work does not stop there. We will follow up with potential prospects to make sure that your company maximizes the time invested during the show/mission.

  • TRAVEL LOGISTICS: If you want, we can also take care of all your logistics needs. From the hotel bookings to finding a translator in the target country, we have you covered.